Sunday, December 19, 2010

On The Road Again

My feet are itching and the travel bug has struck again, it is time I hit the road. Mexico was a blast and I probably had too much fun and not enough work. This time will be different, it needs to be. Some lessons I have learned and will be applying on this adventure include: pack lighter, more work, less play, diving into the local culture more, steer clear of the main tourist districts, cook more of my own meals, spend less money on beer. There are many lessons I can list, but these stand out in my mind at the moment. Now, the adventure...

Destination... South America

Similarly to my Mexico Adventure, I will be remaining in Latin America, but heading much farther south. Countries that I aim to hit include Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and hopefully Venezuela. Unfortunately, this trip looks like it will only last for 6 weeks, not giving me much time to spend time in each city. I love to travel slowly and go where the wind takes me, but I might need to plan in advance if I want to see all of these amazing countries.

Travel Dates: I leave January 4th for Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and arrive in Medellin, Colombia on January 5th.  I plan* on returning sometime around February 19/20th, giving me about 6 weeks total in South America. Luckily, those 6 weeks are during summertime because I am in dire need of some Vitamin D (I will be taking before and after photos to compare).
*no return flight booked yet

Traveling: Solo vs. Group
In Mexico, I set out on an adventure that tested my independence, language skills, resourcefulness, social skills, and much more. It was a period of personal development, and I needed to do it alone. This trip will be with a group and will test different aspects of my personality and travel skills. One thing I know will be a problem of mine is my patience. At times, we expect to have up to 6 travelers doing everything together, and that takes great patience, coordination, and planning. Luckily, almost all of the other travelers are much more experienced than I, so I'm sure they are more concerned with me than I am with them. Patience, teamwork, negotiation, compromise, and trust are all traits that I plan to improve upon on this trip. Wish us luck!


Siddhartha Joshi said...

this looks like an impressive and an ambitious plan! all the best for the trip...

seems like this is the season for south america!!!

UNOMOS said...

Thanks, just got down to Medellin.