Monday, February 22, 2010

The Best Margarita

Happy National Margarita Day! Although I haven't posted in a few weeks, I wanted to be sure and give everyone a heads up on how to create the best margarita. Here is the recipe from the famous Mr. Margarita himself in Todos Santos at his restaurant Tequila Sunrise.
  1. Wet the rim of a Margarita glass using a slice of key lime (do not use water!)
  2. Salt the rim of the glass
  3. Fill glass 3/4 full with large ice cubes (about 3 oz of ice)
  4. Add 3 oz of quality blanco/silver/plata tequila from 100% de agave. The El Capricho tequila is what was used in Todos Santos.
  5. Add 1 oz of Cointreau
  6. Add 1 oz of Damiana liqeuer
  7. Squeeze 4 key limes into the drink, add a lime slice to the rim and "stir slowly" with a straw.
  8. Throw the straw away and enjoy the best and most "pure margarita" you will ever have.
Feel free to throw back a couple of these margaritas, but be cautious because it goes down very smooth but is very high in alcohol content. This is a recipe known as the "pure margarita" because it doesn't contain any impurities such as a sugar/sweet mix or other chemicals that will increase the intensity of a hangover.

Unfortunately "Damiana" is very hard to find in the US so I went down to Tijuana a couple weeks ago and purchased a bottle for $14!!! If you order online in the US you will pay over $60 per bottle. I also purchased a bottle of Mexican branded Cointreau (Controy) for only $8!!! I can't wait to enjoy many Pure Margaritas in the next few weeks. Happy National Margarita Day! Please enjoy responsibly.


mexichick said...

Where in Mexico did you buy the tequila el capricho and how long ago was it???

UNOMOS said...

El Capricho was hard to find back then even in Mexico, I haven't seen it on the shelves lately. Tons of great blancos are out there though, any good one (100% de blue agave) will do.